When do you know that your idea is the right idea?

Jeff Taylor remembered the day when he got the idea to build Monster.com. There was no particular scenario. But the time was indeed strange, 4.30 am, on a night when he could not sleep. When the epiphany arrived, he took a pen, a notebook, and after half an hour he was in a café, putting on paper some thoughts that would later turn into one of the most popular online brands.


Emotions. The bridge to your customers

The relationship between users and products is always complicated, especially if you’re the one that should influence the nature and the course of it.

The problem with the user is that it has a high level of unpredictability. We know this and we try to mitigate it through market research and customer development. The goal is to get into the customer’s mind to find out his thoughts and later on to convince him of the usefulness of your product. Choices, whether emotional or financial, pragmatic or illustrious, have emotions as a base. Metaphorically speaking, emotions become an extra round of a boxing match, a round proposed by judges who cannot determine who is the better boxer.

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Why you should pre-launch your startup idea

This month I will launch a new app on which I’m working for a couple of weeks. And yet, I feel like I’m somehow ahead of time, at a point where Vocuu, the vocabulary app I’m building, is already online and available to my users. I made a simple presentation page for the product with the desire of validating certain ideas and for attracting people willing to test the application shortly after its launch.


Being on the 1st position in Google is a little overrated

This is how it looks the visible part of the web page on my 1280X800 screen resolution. It would be interesting to know how it compares, in terms of click-through rate, a 1st position in a local search query with a 1st position in a normal one.

it jobs in delhi   Google Search

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Smart Lists VS Circles. Epic fight

facebook-smart-listsOk! So, Facebook is testing a new algorithm called Smart Lists, which attempts to automatically place your friends in separate lists – coworkers, classmates and local friends, as you can see in this screenshot.

Some people are wondering why don’t they just implement a simple and powerful solution like Google+’s Circles?

Personally, I prefer the simplicity of Circles, but it is almost impossible for Facebook to have a similar implementation. If we step back for a moment, we will notice that, in this case, the key aspect is not defined by implementation, usability or any other technical aspects. It is all about 2 different concepts: Friends (@Facebook) and People (@Google Plus).

These two words are the key differentiators on which Facebook and Google + are trying to capitalize. In the end, I think that Facebook’s Friends concept will win. Why? The vast majority of internet users do not have the capacity or a direct, powerful reason to systemize and control the massive flux of content which goes through an online network. In addition, everyone agrees that the FRIENDS concept has many more characteristics established in people’s brains, which will help them to narrow down their contacts and the not-so-interesting flux of status updates. { Leave a comment }

Internet speed. The fastest city in Europe

Fullscreen capture 852011 13106 AM.bmpSo that’s why whenever I go to another country I have the feeling that the internet speed is slow. Now, it seems that there is an explanation.

Based on the latest Akamai’s State of the Internet Report, Constanta is the fastest city in Europe in terms of internet speed with an average of 8.2 Mbps. Furthermore, Romania ranks 4 globally, behind Japan, HK and South Korea.

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Green Lantern. The Movie

“You must learn to focus your will and create what you see in your mind.”green_lantern_superheroes

The trailer and the super green hero character have made me to believe that Green Lantern it’s a low quality movie, predictable and targeted at 10 years old kids. But I was wrong: in my right there was a 10 years old kid which has fallen asleep.

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Goethe. The Entrepreneur

GoetheYou could say about Goethe, the creator of Faust, that he is one the most important German writers. Among his many interests were painting, biology, psychology and last but not least poetry.

His interest for psychology and especially his numerous activities from childhood, which his father encouraged him to practice, made him understand many aspects of GETTING THINGS DONE, ENTREPRENEURIAL SUCCESS or SELF DEVELOPMENT.

Here are some quotes from Goethe that I found interesting:

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Amazon AWS: New Edge Location in Stockholm, Sweden

With the addition of a new edge location, Amazon Cloud Front and Route 53 now have a total of 19 edge locations worldwide: 6 in Europe (Amsterdam, Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Stockholm), 10 in United States and 3 in Asia (Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore).

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Books: If You Want It Done Right, You Don’t Have to Do It Yourself!: The Power of Effective Delegation

This is the kind of book that helps you to easily enter into a new subject. More important that the information it holds, the book has the merit to charge you with enthusiasm and it also makes you to dig further in the subject.

Practically, this is a mini-story, an essay of 100 pages that manages to capture the enormous benefits delegation can bring at an organizational level and especially on a personal one.

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